Anonymous said: Jag skulle älska att vara din Bob <3. Silent Bob.

Come off then haha vi ses. ;)

Anonymous said: Fram till i morgon, Rassel, lycka till med college (om du vet vad jag menar). Silent Bob.

Tack så mycket min Bob. :)

Anonymous said: I screwed up, see u later. Silent Bob.

Hej då Silent Bob!

Anonymous said: Yeah, I'll make you sleep. Anyway, done with this anon bullshit, ain't nobody got time for this. Just know I will watch from afar. For I am the twinkle in the moon's eye and the glare from the sun's face. I am bigger than life and smaller than home. I am everything times nothing.

Okej want more sandwiches every nite, please. (?)
So yeah, vi ses liten pojke.